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PHP Framework for eCommerce Website Development
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by Olga Rekovskaya

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There are many different programming languages, platforms and web development tools available for business owners and web developers. Everyone has their favorites for their own reasons, and most have a comfort zone with a particular programming language because it is what they have the most experience using. With the rapid changes in the global marketplace, we believe a PHP framework for ecommerce website development offers a comprehensive solution to challenges quickly forming in the website development industry.

We will get back to that point in a minute. First, it is important to understand what has been happening, and what is happening, which will have a significant impact on the web development world.

Are you aware how rapidly the market is shifting?

According to, global business-to-customer ecommerce sales in 2014 will top $1.5 trillion, an increase of over 20% compared to 2013. In comparison to 2012, an increase of just below 50%, a staggering figure. This incredible growth is projected to continue in the foreseeable future and driven by two main factors.

First, the continued growth of consumers in developed markets purchasing their goods and services online. Second, a continuing increase of consumers in developing markets with the financial means to purchase products globally and greater access to the internet in developing markets.

What does this mean for business owners and ecommerce website development?

Business Owners

If you are a business owner that is doing business online or considering doing business online, it means increased competition because of the rising demand for products and services purchased online. This will no doubt bring an influx of new marketers online who will be competing for your customers. Your website is, or will be, the major determining factor in how much of the ecommerce activity you capture.

Therefore, it is crucial to ensure your site is secure, flexible enough to meet the changing demands of consumers, easy to update and user friendly. If you are not confident your website was properly designed and offers everything it should, now is the time to fix it.

In a market with rapidly increasing competition and global pricing pressure, it is imperative your business website is robust and offers a full range of features. You should be talking to your website developer about how to maximize the effectiveness of your website, even if it means moving the site to a different platform.

Ecommerce Website Developers

If you are an ecommerce website developer, this also means increased competition. An increase in market activity will bring additional businesses online, which will offer opportunity. However, it will also bring more web developers into the fold that will be competing for your clients, along with greater downward pricing pressure.

You should already be thinking about how you can efficiently develop ecommerce websites that are dynamic, easily modified and can be developed in a streamlined process with the ability to share the workload between multiple developers. Competing in a global marketplace that is rapidly changing will require more efficiency and offering a finished website flexible enough to meet the challenges business owners are facing. Are you ready to consider using a PHP framework for ecommerce website development?

Do you believe…

…your current ecommerce website can handle increasing global market competition and customer demands?

…you can continue to grow your website development business without offering a better final product, at a lower price point and more efficient site development process? posted an article earlier this year that discusses ecommerce trends, particularly interesting is the section that talks about the BRIC Markets (Brazil, Russia, India, and China). You do not have to be an economist to clearly see where things are headed.

Why is a PHP framework for ecommerce website development the solution?

Core PHP-Versatile, Compatible & Flexible

As most of you reading this already know, PHP is a server-side programming language and offers a range of advantages to website owners and web developers alike. To start, PHP is an open source scripting language so that means it is free, in a more competitive market it never hurts to save a few dollars.

It is a very flexible scripting language and PHP code can be mixed with HTML and even mixed with Java, as long as a PHP/Java Bridge is implemented. PHP can run on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X servers without limitations and widely compatible with most web applications and software.

One reason it offers such excellent compatibility advantages is that it has been so widely used across such a large number of websites. In fact, tracks usage figures for programming languages and shows PHP is used on more than 80% of websites as of November of this year. See the chart below for detailed annual statistics.

Historical yearly trends in the usage of server-side programming languages for websites

This report shows the historical trends in the usage of server-side languages since January 2010.

server side programming trends in PHP Framework for eCommerce website development


PHP Framework for eCommerce Website Development: chart for server side programming


Choosing a PHP framework for ecommerce website development

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, choosing a PHP based solution allows you to use a PHP framework for ecommerce website development. A framework is a platform that helps make website development easier by standardizing and structuring code in an organized way. This makes development more efficient and results more reliable.

Almost all PHP frameworks function on MVC (model view controller) architecture. MVC organizes the site code into three sections allowing modification separately, while still maintaining the overall integrity of the platform.

Using a PHP framework for ecommerce website development gives the development process structure and streamlines the coding process, which avoids mistakes, increases the quality of the site and offers powerful features that vary depending on the specific framework you select.

Advantages of using a PHP framework for ecommerce website development:

  • Organizes code & files
  • Avoid writing repeat code & faster site development
  • Frameworks provide utilities and libraries
  • Standardized security functions
  • Wide variety of support options
  • Efficient dynamic page loading
  • Performance tools
  • Frameworks allow multiple developers to work efficiently & accurately

Selecting a PHP framework for ecommerce website development

There is no shortage of PHP frameworks available. Choosing the best one depends on many different factors specific to your website project. You really have to match the framework to your specific project and personal preferences as they all offer different advantages and features.

Most popular PHP framework for ecommerce website development:

See the chart below for rankings of the most popular PHP frameworks as of the end of 2013.

Framework popularity pie chart for PHP Framework for eCommerce Website development

Source What is the bottom line for using a PHP framework for ecommerce website development in 2014 and beyond?

eCommerce business owners need a website that includes the following architecture and features:

Required eCommerce Website Architecture & Features


  • Build site with PHP-an open source server-side programming language
  • Use a PHP framework for ecommerce website development
  • Use an MVC (model view controller) based PHP framework

Features & Benefits:

  • Built-in security features-important especially for ecommerce websites processing financial transactions
  • High Compatibility with other web applications, operating systems and programming languages-allows the site to be scaled, modified and changed to accommodate a change in customer behavior or business focus
  • Reliable and consistent user experience-website will not malfunction because of unreliable code
  • Large Support Community-A PHP based platform has a huge community of support on the web. If your site has a problem, you won't have to wait or pay for a vendor/web developer to offer a custom solution
  • Built-in solutions to recurring common issues-PHP frameworks avoid site problems and avoid paying for expensive solutions if there is a problem
  • Full Featured and highly customized-PHP frameworks offer full feature ecommerce solutions and can be customized to fit exact needs
  • PHP frameworks are easy for beginners
  • Faster development and faster fixes
  • Dynamic web pages
  • Lower development and maintenance cost
  • A PHP framework for ecommerce website development is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS X servers

The list can be continued. Do you have something to add? Feel free to share in comments!