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How we got into Global Outsourcing 100® 2015 listing
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by Olga Rekovskaya

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The beginning of this year was marked by a great achievement for our company. We have entered the annual listing of the best outsourcing companies in the world "The 2015 Global Outsourcing 100" by IAOP for the first time.

The Global Outsourcing 100 represents the annual listing of the world's best outsourcing service providers. The complete details on the 2015 Process and Methodology of scoring can be found here. This is a real success, and we are proud that our continuous efforts to improve the quality of our services have been recognized on a global level.

Sounds impossible? We did think so. But you'll never know unless you try. In this article we'll tell which materials we have prepared and provided together with our application to GO 100 program.

How were the companies judged?

Companies-contenders for inclusion in the list were evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Size and Growth;
  2. Delivery Excellence;
  3. Programs for Innovation;
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Let's review each of them.

Size and Growth

Size and Growth were evaluated based on the data about revenue, employees and global presence. More details on the evaluation process in this area can be found in PULSE Blog by IAOP.

Here we needed to provide financial and employee headcount over the three years, and this is where we thank our accounting department. As for global presence, it was measured as a number of countries where our multi-client service centers are located. For now we operate only in one country – Russia.

Delivery Excellence

Evaluation process in Delivery Excellence area is described in great detail by IAOP here. To say briefly, this section required us to provide customer references, public recognitions, organizational certifications and the number of IAOP Certified Outsourcing Professionals (COP) in our company.

To receive higher credit for customer references, we tried to provide documents which were signed by our customers and described our relations in as much detail as possible. One of them was written in Russian, so it needed to be translated to English.

Public recognitions received by our company include the following: Best Enterprise in IT sphere, Best Innovative Project of the Year, Best Exporter of the Year, Best Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Best CEO and Best Trade Diplomat. All of them were local awards, and the resources where these results were published are in Russian. Therefore, we needed to translate all these materials to English in order to apply successfully (many thanks to our translator!).

As a certification demonstrating outsourcing business excellence of our company we listed ISO 9001:2008 certification that we obtained in 2013.

As for the last (but not the least) factor – we don't have COPs in our company yet.

Programs for Innovation

The next evaluation area – Programs for innovation – required us to describe specific programs and resulting outcomes that produce new forms of value for customers. Read more about the evaluation process in IAOP PULSE Blog.

Here we decided to tell about CrISStal Eye – a time-tracking system which we developed in-house. This software allows to control in-house and remote employees and to report to a customer effectively.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Here we were required to describe our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In addition to this, we were asked to provide a description of our activities in such areas as Community Involvement and Development, Labor Practices, Human Rights, Fair Operating Practices, Environmental Impacts, Consumer Issues, Organizational Governance. Read more about this evaluation area here.

Our CSR principles and major activities description can be found here.

As for independent reference sources that we provided to validate our activities (in particular, Community Involvement and Development activities), they were in Russian, which means that our translator had a lot of work to do.


This is what we've done to get ino the 2015 Global Outsourcing 100 listing. The materials we provided to apply for this program helped us to make into "Best Rising Stars in Revenue Growth" sub-list. The alphabetical list of companies included into The 2015 Global Outsourcing 100® listing is available here.

Also, this June FORTUNE® magazine will publish the full list of the rating participants and honors obtained in the various categories. We'll inform our readers about it additionally, so stay tuned!

What do you think about Global Outsourcing 100 list? Have you ever applied to this program as a service provider? Have you ever reviewed this listing as a customer while searching for an outsourcing provider?