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The Web Continues to Live On
Categories: Mobile development, Web Development

by Anna Melkova

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We all use the Web, and many have done so for the better part of a quarter century. At the same time, technology continues to evolve which it an exciting time to work within this ever changing industry. As Top Mobile Web Design Companies, we can say for sure that the web still plays a great role in various web applications. Despite the fact that today's users primarily interface with mobile devices, all of the logical information is written on the server side. A web interface basis is necessary for the following, which are trending now in the wide world of information technology:

  1. Application of social orientation

Social media applications including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are three of the most popular applications of social orientation. We are now living in a world where technology is at our fingertips at all times.

  1. Telemedicine

Telemedicine applications have become so innovative that it is truly shaping the future of how we handle healthcare. Some examples include HealthSpot, which allows individuals to access a doctor from anywhere and everything is done electronically, and interactive patient care which allows patients to have the resources needed to interact better with the medical staff.

Our team realizes the importance of Software Development for Healthcare, and we have already delivered impressive software solutions for this area.

  1. Wearable devices

There are many different types of wearable devices, and this has been the most important trend of the last year. As for 2015, this trend has really taken hold. The most popular wearable devices include the Apple Watch and devices that help monitor one's health and exercise. The Apple Watch now has some competition with the popular Fitbit.

  1. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality devices have started to become more popular, and they are something that can only be seen on the big screen. There are now products available to consumers including headsets and eyeglasses. In addition, there is also a new augmented reality fighter pilot helmet that is being tested in the military. Two of the most popular include HoloLens by MicroSoft and Magic Leap by Google which are reality glasses, or goggles.

  1. Home Automation

Applications have also become popular for your home. These applications can do anything from secure your home to adjust the temperature to turn on lighting. There are so many options including wiring, controllers, door and window locks, and all of this can easily be monitored through the website interface. One such application is Nest which can easily control the temperature from your home if you aren't there.

nest device in web continues to live on
  1. Risk-based security and self-protection

With the evolving trends in web applications it has changed the way we work, play and learn. There is a web application for just about anything you can dream up. One of the most popular types of web applications are for risk-based security and self-protection, which helps organizations all over the world keep information secure.

  1. Context-rich systems

Websites have become more personalized and original, and there are now web applications which can help. Context-rich systems will actually pull diverse information from a website such as location, weather and speed. These types of systems will start being found more in businesses so that they can become more advanced.

For the popular trends mentioned above, web interface is used in these applications. The future of web applications is bright with the evolving technology. Some of the largest companies around are using web interfaced applications due to the beneficial functionality.

Smart Watches and Smart Houses

Smart watches have become increasingly popular over the past year. These watches allow you to pull the data from other devices such as a computer, smartphone or tablet. A user can log in from his or her computer and get access to all types of information. Some examples include activity tracking, calorie counting, translations, calculations, thermometer, camera, radio, GPS, compass, heart rate monitor and much more. There are many different types of smart watches and they each have different functions.

There are also smart houses, which are homes that are automated in order to allow owners to monitor and control the many different functions available. These smart homes are connected to a web interface which makes things very simple to operate. Some of the actions available include setting on and off the electricity, adjusting the thermostat and turning on and off the security system.

Both of these technological innovations would not be possible without a web interface. Since web browsers make it simple to work with web applications. Over time, web applications have become so popular that they are connected to practically every new technological device, which includes smart watches and smart homes.

The Role of PHP and Web Applications Development

PHP plays a large role in web applications development because it solves these tasks efficiently and effectively. With the popular scripting language, web application developers can create applications which are on the cutting edge of technology. PHP is also a great benefit to web applications because of the fast data processing features.

Web applications developments have become increasingly popular and PHP has helped this happen. There are many benefits to this such as:

  • Web applications can be used on different platforms as well as operating systems, so it is very versatile
  • Hundreds of customers can be targeted and reached at the same time
  • Helps to integrate different departments throughout the organization
  • Organizations can offer more to customers such as services and/or solutions that is needed
php in web application development in web continues to live on


Web based applications will continue to evolve and change at a rapid pace. It seems like every day there is some new popular application which promises to make life easier whether it is a budgeting app or time management app. There are so many benefits of using web based applications that it is expected that more and more organizations all over the world will either continue doing so. As time goes on we will see a newer and more innovative generation of web applications.

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