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How to choose a reliable SEO provider
Categories: Mobile development, Web Development

by Anna Melkova

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At the moment Web promotion in search engines became very popular. This method can increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your web application.

And as you know, demand generates supply: a huge number of SEO providers offer their services. But how to choose reliable experts who can help you to achieve the goal: to promote your brand and drive extra users to the website? Let's deal

1. First of all, establish the requirements to your potential service provider:

  • Define the number of clicks and/or responses per month you wish to receive
  • Define the highest priority market for your website promotion(target audience and countries etc.)
  • And, finally, define your focus direction(services)

If you've already determined your strategy and set the requirements, it's time to set the budget that you are ready to invest in SEO promotion. You should do it based on CLV.

2. Avoid choosing the cheapest offer?


Do not make a decision based only on the price of services and do not choose providers with lower prices and bigger promises. You run a huge risk of being scammed. Reliable agencies won't give you a guarantee to be on top 10 in Google, Yandex and others; they can only guarantee very professional work of their experts.

3. From this it follows that you shouldn't trust big promises

As I mentioned earlier, reliable SEO-agencies do not give a guarantee, since they are not the owners of any search engines. Let's think, is it possible to give 100% guarantee of being any website on the pre-selected requests for pre-selected items? Let's just imagine that the answer is yes, then all websites would be on the first page. And who would pay for the second one? So, the second page proves that 100% guarantee of being on top 10 is impossible!


4. Pay attention to informative and useful proposals

Informative and professionally made proposals mean that this company has spent enough time to study your website, services and training documents. It means the company is interested in working with you.

In addition, it gains your credibility of the company: if such work was carried out at the stage of talks, the team will probably be working that way further.

5. Read reviews and find out how long the company is in the market

If the company is reliable, you'll easily find out a lot of positive references from satisfied customers. That's the team you should collaborate with! An additional factor you should pay attention to is how long the company has existed. The longer the better, but considering that the SEO promotion is rather young field, at least 3-5 years.

6. Find out which of your competitors use the services of these SEO providers

It will enable you to assess the result: brand awareness, traffic to the website and the company's position in various search engines.

7. Pay your attention to the company who is ready to provide your staff with basic training in search engine optimization

It's not free; however it will allow you not only speak the same language, but also more clearly define and assign the required tasks to your SEO specialists. As a result, the probability to return on SEO investment increases. Moreover, very soon you'll be able to solve some SEO issues by yourself.

8. Choose the company that plans to optimize your website

In order to achieve the greatest relevance to your key needs and search engine rankings a good company will optimize your website's content. Just in case ask your provider whether the content will belong to you after the end of your cooperation.


9.Be ready for quite long-term website optimization and promotion SEO is a source with a long payback period, the average period must be between six and twelve months of active work to see the positive dynamics of the main KPI (Key Performance Indicators).

10. Give your preferences to multi-channel marketing

According to our experience, the most effective way is multi-channel marketing, which includes three areas: context, SEO and e-mail marketing. The best way is to involve all these directions simultaneously. In our point of view, it's better to use one-time consulting. It's a one-time investment of a long-term positive effect. We do not recommend using SEO promotion regularly. Content marketing on a regular basis (in your company's blog and third-party resources) is a more effective way. So you can "kill two birds with one stone" – to get a long-term PR and improve your position in search engines. Moreover, you can do it inhouse!

11. Ask your provider what tactics they plan to use promoting your brand

Since we find this issue extremely important we would like to ask you to take it seriously. If the provider will promote your brand at all relevant and irrelevant resources you risk to be banned soon!

12. Tabulate all data

So, you've already round out all negotiations and found out a lot of new useful information. In order not to get lost in this huge number of different important data we recommend tabulate them all to compare. It allows you to make an informed decision.

Conclusion: Examine into details of the campaign, set the requirements, it enables you to buy only services that you really need!

We hope you've got all necessary knowledge that will help not only to avoid financial losses, but also to profit from your SEO campaign. What do you look for choosing a digital services provider? What tips can you advise to add to our list? We'll be happy to receive your feedback!