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How to make a project that will change the world
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by Maxim Drozdov

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"The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world's problems." Mahatma Gandhi

What mark do you want to leave in our history? Are you dreaming about the project influencing the entire world?

Let's collect ideas and principles that could answer the question "How to do it?"

1. To serve people solving their complex problems

There is a common thing in every big solution. What is it?

For example, the invention of the printing press allowed people to share the information intensively, the invention of the radio solved the problem of wireless information transfer. Penicillin was the first effective solution against the bacterial infections distress. The invention of airbags has saved a lot of human lives in car crashes.

A great project requires a great goal. Great goal of the project is people's need.One of the most powerful people's needs is energy, which is highly demanded and now mostly supplied by the limited resources

All these inventions are similar in at least the following parameters:

  1. they solved the complex problems;
  2. the big solutions in the history positively solved the big people's needs.

There are many other complex issues that lie at the intersection of science, technology, governance, and politics. They are waiting for the solutions and the appropriate solvers. Do you know the challenge you would like to take up?

The world is continuously changing as an interconnected system. Each change leads to inconsistencies and new problems then. If you would like to forecast the new problems, you can observe what great changes are happening.

To infer, we can express the way: the highest idea is to find the people's problem and serve them by solving their problem.

Have you got such an ambitious idea? Let's go ahead then.

2. Principles

If you have a clear vision of the problem and your purposefulness is solid, let's go further and concentrate on how to make your idea happen.

I want to share some of ISS Art's principles, that have helped us to develop the great projects in IT sphere. All these principles are applied to every complex project.

2.1. Next step

The things are complex, but the first step is often very simple. If you would like to repair a car, the first step may be to call a mechanic. You even do not need to plan all the things to be done. Just call a mechanic right now. It's a good and simple cure against procrastination.

<div class="wp-caption aligncenter" id="attachment_1643" style="width: 612px">[![Let's define the first step and accomplish it.](/static/img/2016/03/will-smith-013-1024x640.jpg)](/static/img/2016/03/will-smith-013.jpg)The first step is you have to say that you can. Will Smith </div>#### 2.2. Focus

The frequent mistake is multitasking, it is a common practice through work on the complex project. Never mind how many people work on the project.

But the opposite approach is very effective: you are doing only one task or minimal number of activities at once, get it done faster and eliminate the stress of uncompleted tasks.

So, move on step by step and keep the minimal work in progress.

<div class="wp-caption aligncenter" id="attachment_1645" style="width: 810px">[![If you look at the batterfly, plese look at the batterfly. Other things do not matter at this particular moment.](/static/img/2016/03/focus_03_large.jpg)](/static/img/2016/03/focus_03_large.jpg)Focus on your current goal. Do not focus on other things, minimize your work in progress in every moment. </div>Your project domain is complex enough, so try to keep the process as simple as possible.

2.3. Empiricism

The theory of management has developed a number of control models that can be effective in the complex problem solving. One of them is the empirical approach for controlling of the process.

In simple words, the empirical process contains the following steps:

  1. to try a rough solution for the issue you solve in the limited time,
  2. to measure the result and evidence,
  3. to adapt your next try based on the gained empirical knowledge.
<div class="wp-caption aligncenter" id="attachment_1646" style="width: 601px">[![Zeroing in on the target is essential.](/static/img/2016/03/target.jpg)](/static/img/2016/03/target.jpg)Empiricism is like the zeroing in on a target. The direction of the next shot is being set based on the previous shot that is the gained experience. </div>#### 2.4. Collaboration

Complex problem cannot be solved by by only one person. Be ready to work in the team, develop the team and be developing with the team. The team should be like an organism that provides synergy.

2.5. Promotion

Your idea, your project, and your product are worth being promoted. People should know your project. Please be sure that your product users will know its advantages and features.

3. The kindness returns

Have you got an idea that can impress the world and meet the people's needs? Let us help you.

Can you make a project that will change the world? Definitely, you can.