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ISS Art Recognized as a Leading Software & IoT Company
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by Olga Rekovskaya

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Having been around since 2003, our team has had the great pleasure of creating incredible experiences and products for businesses of all kinds. In the process, we've grown in size and skill, developing our company as a whole. We've learned that the tech industry is no easy market to be a part of, but we love the challenge and success we've seen from being in it. Our team works diligently to stay ahead of the tech trends to come, especially with our expertise in the evergrowing machine learning field.

Throughout the years, we've made great strides in our presence in the market, and are happy to share some of the recognition we've recently received.

We're recognized as a top <u>Software Development Company</u> on DesignRush. and its sister company, The Manifest, recently named the top leaders for a number of service categories in the tech space, including the software development and Internet of Things industries. Just a few months ago, Clutch named us a top software developer in Russia, and now ISS Art has been announced as a global leader in The Manifest's list of Top 25 IoT Development Companies and again as a Software Development leader for Russia.

While Clutch conducts research to identify the best-performing companies, The Manifest focuses more on the buyer journey. Meaning, ISS Art was not only proven to be a top-performing company, but we have also been promoted as a reliable company to work with. A few of the factors that both platforms took into account include our ability to deliver value, meet client expectations, portfolio of work, and most importantly – our clients' feedback.

Clutch analysts interviewed many of our clients to gather their honest comments and ratings, which contributed to our evaluation of being named a great company to work with. These are just a few of the remarks a few clients gave:

"ISS Art is very professional, stays on top of the project, and delivers on time. "

Jason Pullar IT Manager, Critical Control Energy Services Inc.

"The app helped our clients and raised the profile of my business. The last app that ISS Art worked on was successful; it still generates income seven years later."

Mark Grant Director, Trauma & Pain Management Service

"They're excellent, and put a lot of effort into management. If I need something right away, they do their best to make it happen quickly. If there's an emergency, they stop everything to fix it."

Executive Director, Non-profit

"Our team thinks their work is amazing and great so we kept the engagement going."

Manager, Technology Company Blog

Our client feedback overwhelms us with joy and further drives us to continue making impressions for clients to come. For more insight into our work and industry experience, we invite you to visit our portfolio.