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9 tech trends for 2019 that will reshape the way most industries work
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by Olga Rekovskaya

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As 2018 is coming to the end, experts all over the world are making their predictions about what will be trending in tech world in 2019.

In this article we've gathered the 9 trends that seemed the most interesting for us.

Advanced chatbots

Natural Language Processing technology will completely transform the way that service industry used to work. With advanced capabilities of chatbots, companies will get an opportunity to provide innovative customer service that will certainly set them apart from competitors. That is, advanced chatbots can mimic humans, detects users' emotions and provide them with relevant information based on different criteria defined (interests, needs, location,etc.)

AI-enabled chips

To handle AI-related tasks, CPU is often irrational to use. A better option is to make separate chips that are aimed at performing AI-related tasks, so that the power consumption is kept low, and the performance is good. The great news is that in 2019 many manufacturers are going to produce chips which will be capable of speeding up different AI-related tasks: object recognition, speech recognition, natural language processing. These chips are going to be widely used in many spheres applying AI – medicine, finance, manufacturing, and many more.

Automated machine learning

Being machine learning experts, we could not deprive attention to such a trend as automated machine learning, or AutoML. With AutoML, one can avoid going through the usual process of training ML model – a data analysis pipeline can be generated automatically. The great advantage of AutoML is that it makes machine learning available for non-ML experts. You can visit this resource to get a better idea of what AutoML is.

5G development

In 2019, the launch of 5G mobile wireless networks is expected. Among the opportunities this is going to open are:

  • Faster communication for interconnected devices and integration of intelligent apps into various ecosystems – the maximum achievable data rate is 20 Gbit/s;
  • Lower consumption of battery power compared to 4G standard.

These factors will certainly have a positive effect on the Internet of Things development.

The rising importance of cyber-security

The faster the development of technologies, the more concerns about cyber-security appear. That is, with the latest technological advances hackers get more possibilities for cyberattacks. The potential damages caused by cyber attacks are also likely to increase.

Edge computing

Edge computing assumes locating the computing infrastructure closer to the data sources. This results in latency and bandwidth use reduction. Computation and further insightful actions are performed "right at the edge".

Industrial companies will certainly take advantage of these opportunities. Autonomous vehicles producers also find this approach useful. They need to react immediately after a pedestrian is detected, so edge computing for them is a way to avoid network latency and ensure fast response. The same is true about industrial machines that need to stop immediately as soon as a human is detected in a dangerous area.

Digital twins

A digital twin stands for a replication of an object, a process or a system. Twins can be linked to one another to constitute twins of certain systems. Business owners already started applying digital twins to improve their business outcomes: they use these digital representations of objects and processes to analyze, predict and optimize their performance.


One more trend that certainly deserves our attention is the extension of the range of cloud-provided services. This means that in 2019 such areas as Blockchain-as-a-service, VR-as-a-service, AR-as-a-service, IOT-as-a-service and AI-as-a-service will become more and more common.

We hope you will find this review of tech trends useful. Maybe one of them (or even more than one) are already in your plans for 2019?

Which trends do you find the most notable and perspective? Please share your thoughts in the comments!