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Classification of image style using deep learning with Python
Categories: Machine Learning

by Anna Sheptalina

#deep learning
#machine learning
#neural network
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Concrete crack detection using Deep Learning and Computer Vision
Categories: Computer Vision, Machine Learning

by Eugenia Soroka

5 Ways to Improve Your Recruiting Strategy With AI and HR Software
Categories: Machine Learning

by Michael Deane

ISS Art Named by Clutch as Top-Performing Natural Language Processing Company
Categories: General

by Ilya Pikho

Manufacturing: How much does a typical FMCG company spend on the packaging? How can technology help?
Categories: General

by Ilya Pikho

Crowdsourcing in machine learning: expectations and reality
Categories: General, Machine Learning

by Eugenia Soroka

Graph Neural Networks and their applications
Categories: General, Machine Learning, Natural language processing

by admin